Electric Fence Energiser 220V 8 km electric fences electric
    • Electric Fence Energiser 220V 8 km electric fences electric
    • Electric Fence Energiser 220V 8 km electric fences electric
    • Electric Fence Energiser 220V 8 km electric fences electric
    • Electric Fence Energiser 220V 8 km electric fences electric

    Electric Fence Energiser 220V 8 km electric fences electric fencing E/220 extrastrong for animals wild boar cows horses pigs Gem

    Gemi Elettronica Electrificator E/220 EXTRAFORTE for electric fences electrified fencing pasture Horse Riding Horse Cow Boar Pigs

    • Electric fence, electrified fence, pasture fence - for horses, ponies, cows, goats, sheep, wild boar, deer, cattle
    • Maximum range of the electrifier - 8000 metres of conductor wire
    • The product works with direct current at 220V - Product certified according to law, manufactured entirely in ITALY
    • The most popular among farmers, as protection for their livestock and to protect the garden and vegetable plot from wild animals such as wild boar and deer
    • Nominal voltage: 220V - 50 HZ ; Maximum output: 15000 volts - Max 8 J
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    220 V - 8 km

    Elettrificatori recinti | Gemi Market

    Most sold.

    with current.

    Ideal for electric fences
    powered by 220 volt current
    with an ideal maximum length of 8 km

    20 Motivi | Gemi Market
    20 Motivi | Gemi Market

    Extra strong.

    The pastor

    This is how you generate the
    shock for your electric fence

    Easy to assemble

    In just 3

    1)Connect the electrifier
    to the power socket

    2)Connect the yellow/green wire
    to earth

    3)Connect the red wire
    to the fence's electrical wire.

    Struttura aspiratore camino | Gemi Market
    Bestiame | Elettrificatori recinti | Gemi Market

    Your protection.

    deal for
    every animal.

    Ideal for horses, ponies, steers,
    cows, sheep, goats,
    pigs, chickens, bulls, lambs, deer,
    deer, foxes and much more...


    Range of 80 km (laboratory)
    8 km (real conditions)

    Perimetro | Elettrificatori recinti | Gemi Market

    The E/220 electrifierunder ideal conditions of laboratory testscan produce electrical current over a a length of 80 km.

    The actual flow ratehowever, depends on various parameters:

    .quality of the products used in the fence(wire, insulators, posts and earthing)
    .presence of vegetation in the enclosure area(the thicker it is
    the more the reach of the fence is reduced. The more the fence area
    is kept clean the more the flow rate increases)

    Thanks to our almost 40 years of experience, we can
    state with certainty that our electrifier model
    E/220 EXTRA STRONGmanages to ensure a perfect functioning
    on fences up to 8 km.

    Risparmio | Elettrificatori recinti | Gemi Market

    Yes to savings.

    Reduced consumption.

    Thanks to only 12 Wof absorption,
    choosing a Gemi electrificator
    savings on your
    energy bill

    Technical characteristics

    Tensione | Elettrificatori recinti | Gemi MarketVoltage: 15000 V

    Potenza | Elettrificatori recinti | Gemi MarketPower: 8 J

    Peso | Elettrificatori recinti | Gemi MarketWeight: 1,150 kg

    IPX4 | Elettrificatori recinti | Gemi MarketIPX4: splash-proof

    Assorbimento | Elettrificatori recinti | Gemi MarketPower consumption: 16 mA

    Impulsi al minuto | Elettrificatori recinti | Gemi MarketPulses per minute: 50

    Dimensioni | Elettrificatori recinti | Gemi MarketDimensions: 24 x 25 x 16.5 cm

    CE | Elettrificatori recinti | Gemi MarketgConforms to CE standards

    EN 60355-2-76/Al1 | Elettrificatori recinti | Gemi MarketBuilt according to EN 60355-2-76/Al1

    Sicuro e certificato | Gemi Market

    Safe and certified.

    Since 1983,
    attention to
    your safety.

    Since 1983, we have had
    specialists in the company for the
    construction of products
    for electric fences.
    Buying a product
    Gemi Elettronica means choosing
    quality and and safety.

    What do our customers say?

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    Most loved in the world.

    customers say so.

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    thousands of positive reviews
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    Shipping times and costs?

    We deliver all over theworld in 3/8
    working days.

    Discover all times and costs here:

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    How can I pay?

    More than 10 methods
    of payment.

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    Do electrificators have a guarantee?

    3 years

    On any component
    of the electrificator
    (electrical part or structure).

    Sigillo garanzia | Gemi Market
    Soddisfatti o rimborsati | Gemi Market

    100 days to reconsider.

    or refunded.

    We will not need
    any explanation.
    We will collect the product at our expense
    and you will get your refund

    The advantages of buying from the


    Free advice until resolution of the
    of the problem.

    You will be answered on the phone by our
    specialised technicians with years of
    experience in the field.
    Call now at(+39) 02.87165556
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    2) Do you have a problem with one of our products?
    We will immediately replace the product

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    3) Factory prices. Save
    by avoiding buying from resellers.

    4) 40 years of experience in the industry
    at your service

    5) Designed and entirely manufactured
    in Italy
    in our production facility
    of over 10,000 square metres

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    E/220 Extraforte.pdf

    Scarica la scheda tecnica e scopri tutte le caratteristiche inerenti al nostro prodotto.

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    Questions and Answers

    What is supplied with the fence energiser?

    With the current model we supply: grounding cable and cable with tweezers to be connected to the fence. With the dual power model, we provide a 220V power supply, cables for connections to the car battery (positive and negative), a grounding cable and a cable with tweezers to be connected to the fence.

    Why insert 3 poles for the grounding of the electric fence?

    Grounding is a fundamental thing for the functionality of the electric fence for animals, so it is recommended to do it correctly. To have the total discharge of current by the energiser, it is necessary to make the grounding by inserting 3 galvanized poles of 1 meter in the ground. They must be positioned 3 meters apart, 80 cm in the wet ground and 20 cm outside, and then connect them with the yellow cable. Together with the electric fence, we supply only 1 meter of cable that must be connected to the first pole. It is recommended to do it where there is the presence of vegetation, therefore a moist soil. Arid soil is not conductive. According to the tests carried out, placing 3 poles in any type of terrain, there will be no problem with functionality. If you put only one stake, the power of the current felt will be less than its range and the animals will be able to cross the fence.

    How long does a battery last for the portable energiser, and which one should I use?

    For a B12 energiser it is sufficient to use a 12V 40Ah car battery. The autonomy, if there is no dispersion in the electric fence, is about 10/12 days. Otherwise it lasts less.

    What do the flashing lights on the energiser for electric fences mean?

    The signal lights that flash alternately on the energiser for electric fences indicate the correct operation of the appliance.

    Can an energiser stay outdoors?

    An energiser cannot be outdoors. It must be kept indoors to prevent it from being damaged by bad weather.
    Electric Fence Energiser 220V 8 km electric fences electric

    Electric Fence Energiser 220V 8 km electric fences electric fencing E/220 extrastrong for animals wild boar cows horses pigs Gem

    - 40%
    Lowest price in the last 30 days 239.09 $
    Tax included